Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arriving at Pescia at night, the city and it's unique Tuscany flavor...

As we proceeded through the Italian Dolomitic Alps, the land slowly starting becoming a place of rolling hills. We went through the cities of Modena (famous for Balsamic Vinegars....!), and Firenze (a.k.a. Florence! No more need be said about this famous city....!). Then northwest (we're in the Tuscan region now!) and into Pescia, situated east of Genoa and Pisa and southeast of Parma (hams and cheese!) and Reggio (cheeses!).

The conference was held at the Villa delle Rose, shown here in it's glory.  At night, however, traversing through the winding and confusing streets, it took us awhile to find the Villa, as the street names are very small and nearly impossible to read at night.

The city has many interesting horticultural aspects, with many commercial olive tree production nurseries, olive orchards for olive oil!, and floriculture! Here on the hillsides are olive orchards...

Pescia owns its wholesale flower market (pictures of that later). We visited this during the conference. Here are some of the things for sale in the market.
Here are various sites downtown, from the old Roman buildings, to the busy and crowded streets.
The city dates back to the 700s, as you can see from the English historical description.
We did go up the hill to see the exhausting push up the hills with Mark's wheelchair over the very bumpy cobblestone streets. Here's what it looked like inside.

Italian gelato, anyone?!  Mark seems to be enjoying it for you in the hot Tuscan sun.
The dark chocolate gelatos were 'out of this world' delicious!

And, how about a Homeopathic Pharmacia for your medical needs, in case you stomach freezes after too much gelato?!

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