Sunday, October 3, 2010

Food in Prague (Praha) and the Cubism Restaurant!

Well, of course, we dined exquisitely while in the lovely city of Praha.....from sumptuous breakfasts at The Vila Lanna, to Fulbright Orientation lunches at the Vila, to dining out on the town at night and on the weekend.
Where does one begin, but with the first course of Czech lunches or dinners...soup!  Here are some tasty ones we delighted in.
Many Czech soups are with a clear broth with added garlic, vegetables, pasta or potatoes. This one was delightfully tasty with a chicken stock base, parsnips, carrots, fresh herbs (parsley, lovage).

And then how about a creamy, fresh tomato soup surrounded by dollops of aged Balsamic vinegar, a floating island of mint and chives with crusty grilled bread coated with pesto to add the necessary textural "crunch"?

Then, on to the main courses.  Sometimes they were in restaurants or often just from street vendors, as there were so many delicious smells wafting up and down the city streets....who could resist old Prague ham or Prosciutto?

 Mark couldn't resist!!

Then on to desserts....where else, but let's start at the Cubism Cafe and Restaurant...recently refurbished in its original cubic delights. The outdoor cafe was too cold and rainy the day we were there,

 so upstairs we went on the Vytah (lift), rather than the stairs (shown difficult to do with a wheel chair!)

 and sat, reading out English newspapers, to sip coffee and have some delightful desserts while soaking up the cubic ambience.

Mark chose his favorite...strawberry crepes with lots of whipped cream (of course!). I can just hear my Mother, Bea, saying 'Mark, have some more crepes with your whipped cream!'

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Neil dined on Raspberry tart...
Then, off we went back to explore more of the city.  Mark spots an interesting sign (in his new glasses!)... says it all
although maybe talking about food would be our primary function here on this blog, eh?

More to come on our Prague trip with the special reception at the U.S. Ambassador's Residence, the Theater, and many more sites!

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