Thursday, October 14, 2010

Late September Peaches!! (unbelievable...)

When we were at the farmer's market in Ceske Budejovice the last Saturday in September, we stopped by one of the vendors...our dear friend who often sells us eggs and shelled walnuts. She had a plastic bag full of small dark colored fruit, saying something in Czech that we didn't understand. We bought the whole bag for 30 kroners.  Mark thought they must be plums, which were still in season. Neil, however, noticed that they were fuzzy and thought.....peaches?!?
When we brought them home and cut them open....voila!
Can you believe it?! Purple and red peaches harvested in late September right here in South Bohemia. They were/are absolutely delicious.
I have enquired with my Czech colleagues in Horticulture what the name might be. They're looking and will report back. They believe it to be a very old cultivar that has been grown here for some time. Apparently our vendor has her own trees from which these came.

Here's a picture of other plums and the treasured peaches that we got that day. The little yellow plums are also a late variety, as most of this type were ripe in July and August when we first got here.

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