Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prague (Praha) at night...

Another day draws to a close in the gorgeous city of Praha. Gold on the tower's figures glint in the setting sun
A chill starts to descend throughout the streets in late September.
Sculptures and people alike feel the darkness starting to descend. Here a modern 'key' sculpture
beckons the adjacent church to join the darkness:
In Old Town Square, jet trailings point the way to evening above the old City Hall
where even the ancient sun dial no longer catches a glimmer of rays even as spectators crowd around every hour to watch and hear:
Let the joyous night festoon and light our souls with brilliance for another day!
Máme vás rádi Praha! (We love you, Prague!)

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  1. The key statue, made of keys? lost keys? Lol!! Interesting architecture.

  2. Yes, isn't that amazing! Maybe they were all lost keys, we don't know!