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To Linz, Austria for Linzetorte on Neil's birthday, 30 Dec. 2010

Neil decided at the last minute that a fun thing to do on his birthday would be to drive to Austria, specifically to Linz and have Linzetorte for dinner!  This is the goal:
It was a sunny day and we headed off to Linz in the afternoon; it takes ~1.75 hours to drive from Ceske Budejovice to Linz.
On the way, the snow got deeper and deeper as we neared the border. It had been foggy in the morning, so the trees and shrubs were loaded with hoar frost...

This grouping of evergreens on the right were white with frost (this isn't snow on them!):
When we got to Linz, the cathedral is looking great in the snows....

As the sun sets, we walk around the city to enjoy the lights, the sights and the sounds of shopping in Linz...

People are walking around everywhere, or riding the trams when they come through.
Here's a Norwegian fish and seafood store...with lots of lox, shrimp, fish...
And for Barbara, here's your family's store!!
Then we find this delightful chocolaterie....would you like a truffle, marzipan, or....??

We bought some truffles and dark chocolate bars
Our server gave each of us a free truffle after we made our purchases!
Now, it's off to a darling little cafe in the downtown old one that is frequented by lots of Linz regulars. This looks like a great place for some warm soup, dinner, and dessert!
Neil is pondering what to have
while Mark reads the menu of today's special (Tageskarte):
We end up each having a small cup of clear broth soup with an ovoid dumpling made out of cous cous...sprinkled with a bit of fresh parsley.  Exquisite.
Mark orders fresh fish, broiled, and placed over a bed of grated carrots, parsnips and cabbage with a citrus sweet/sour sauce (so tasty!)
while Neil chose a chicken Wienerschnitzel (you know....meaning the recipe was originally from Vienna or Wien, rather than Germany!) served over a bed of citron rice surrounded by a moat of pesto.  Divine!
Now....for desserts.....
Mark has a chocolate, cherry layered torte with kirsch liquer infused in it (more cherries!)
While Neil settles for the destination dessert, Linzetorte.....lots of almonds and hazelnuts

Ah yes...who would have ever thought of having the real Linzetorte in Linz, Austria on their birthday?!  It was wonderful. We're wondering where Mark will want to go on his birthday....Paris? Vienna?  Stay tuned...!

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