Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vánočka French Toast

When one has all of these delicious breads, which are so good toasted in the morning and served with warm butter or our homemade jams, one does still yearn for new ways to delight in these treats! So, French toast sounded like a good idea on a cold winter morning...why not have some made out of traditional braided Vánočka bread (see earlier postings) with an additional Czech twist?!

Slice your Vánočka into fairly thick slices:
 Mix up the egg batter with 2-3 farm fresh eggs, add in 1/4 cup or so of Czech Vaječný eggnog (see earlier postings), 1/2 of a nutmeg zested in, salt/pepper to taste. Mix well.  Use a wonderful, antique fork with a bone handle to pick up the bread and drown it in the Vaječný egg mixture:
 Place the Vaječný-drenched slices into a hot, buttered pan while you sip morning coffee...
 Turn them over when browned nicely.....can you smell them yet?! Time to get your forks ready!
 Serve with Maple Syrup made from sugar maple sap, Acer saccharum. We can only get French Canadian maple syrup here, none available from Neil's home state of Vermont (those Vermonters have got to expand their sales to Europe, please!).
It appears that Mark is voting in favor of this idea with his fork!
Good eating, dobré jídlo!

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