Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hluboka Castle revisited

On 25 December we posted winter viewings of the Hluboka Castle, Hluboka, Czech Republic.
This past month we visited it again, having lunch in the Conservatory (we brought our own picnic, of course), after spending the morning photographing the Jewish Cemetery located nearby.
By chance, the inner courtyard of the Castle was open for visitors. Here are pictures  of what we saw...remember this was once the fall/early winter 'Hunting Cabin' when the Schwarzenbergs owned it!

We enter the courtyard...a grand place for entertaining and concerts, don't you think?
 But, when you start gazing at the walls, we were amazed to see endless arrays of antlers from previous hunting expeditions displayed everywhere.....outside!

 Up and down every wall were numerous antlers, each with the date the animal was killed and, sometimes, the name of the hunter.

 We could peer inside the glass doors of the main entrance to the courtyard and see parts of the foyer and grand staircase inside:
 (these are our head shadows which frame the pictures!).
 Later, we will return to see the spring flowers in the gardens as well as more of the interior views....stay tuned!

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