Thursday, March 3, 2011

Portends of spring in Plastovice: Winter aconite in flower!

As we visited our colleagues in Plastovice (see last July's posting about the town), we were so delighted to see these in flower. They are the portends of spring...the first spring flowering plants in this region.

These are called Eranthis hyemalis L. (=Eranthis hiemalis) or Winter Aconite and are in the Buttercup family (the Ranunculaceae). Here are the semi-raised beds where they are growing in the gardens of these horticulturists:
 For those of you who are still staring at immense amounts of snow, remember that spring will soon be here. Days are getting longer and the angle of the sun is rising in the sky...sure signs of doom for snow at lower elevations.

Be cheered by Winter Aconite!

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