Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Jewish Cemetery (Židovský hřbitov), Ceske Krumlov, Czech Republic

Our visit to the Jewish Cemetery, Židovský hřbitov, in Ceske Krumlov...
again held interesting, unique experiences we never would have dreamed of in this cemetery, some 18 km north of the Rozemberk nad Vltavou cemetery (posted earlier). Perhaps this gate, doors locked, ensconced in timeless skies is a fitting introduction to what we found.
Lynn's directions headed up onto the hill on the east side of the city, past the hospital to the apex where the small, narrow street ended at the cemeteries. People were gathering, entering, and leaving throughout our visit but they were not headed to the Jewish cemetery, instead:
 This would be a more fitting view of the number of visitors to the Židovský hřbitov:
 Lynn's sixth sense led her to go around this segment, past some rose-colored pillared walls where she found the Jewish cemetery. We entered through the main gate, thinking we could find it from the inside. Below, the rooftop of the Prayer House can be seen. We thought we could somehow get to it closer.
We spent nearly 1/2 hour scurrying through the Christian section, in and around the many walled partitions, trying to find any entrance to the Židovský hřbitov.....all to no avail. Not even a gate led to it! It was completely walled in from this side.
 Finally, we headed outside the walls and around the corner to find the one and only gate locked from this icy road.
At first we were not sure we had found it. Lynn waved at us, but we didn't see her. We continued on down the slippery road, first on foot, but then by car...thinking that perhaps another smaller walled cemetery lay in the woods behind. We excitedly found some small walls, only to discover they were building foundations in the woods.
Somewhat shocked by this, not only by the inaccessability, but complete integration and surround of the Christian cemetery we sat and pondered the site. It was unbelievable!
And, it's not that no one knew about it. Lynn had asked a woman where the Židovský hřbitov was located and she pointed to the Prayer House...
We sat awhile, looking at the views of Ceske Krumlov, the rose-colored spires of the Schwarzenberg's summer castle caught in the afternoon hazes.
While close by
the hillside summer cottages,
garden our thoughts.
Spring pussy willows
burst forth 
a gentleness,
an innocence
of wonderment.
While ivy archways
the walls.
Our hearts are sinewed shut.

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  1. ur cemetery experiences: ur prose inter-twine with photos quite lovely...I feel as tho I want to be there as well!...sigh, someday!