Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jihočeská Keramika, Lenora, Czech Republic

Lenora, one of the many destinations highlighted in this guidebook to see Bohemian Glass Factories, is situated some 70 km west of Ceske Budejovice in the foothills of the Sumava Mountains which border Germany. We visited Lenora this past weekend on our way to Passau, Germany.

The town is well known for its superior glass making through the years and even has this reflected in its flag designed by Jarig Bakker (http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/cz-pt-le.html).


Today, however, in the interest of time we didn't visit the glass blowers since we wanted to get to Passau (still some 68 km away) and have enough time to see the world-famous Bohemian glass museum (posting on that coming soon).
We shall visit the glassworks in a couple of weeks for a full days adventure there (stay tuned!).
But, we did stop at Jihočeská Keramika to see their own ceramics, stained glass and the types of Bohemian crystal they were selling.
Numerous selections of fine crystal are for sale here, from a variety of South and Northern Bohemian glass factories. 

We couldn't resist purchasing some of the hand-painted ceramic plates, once we saw that they were scenes from some of our favorite Bohemian cities, e.g. Trebon (the Rzemberk Castle)
and Ceske Budejovice (here's the Black Tower in the Main Square).
As well as a typical view of a town in the Sumava Mountains:
Other examples of some ceramics that caught our eye:
And we couldn't resist buying a couple of green ceramic pieces for our kitchen in Minnesota...The covered 'Dutch oven' dish should make some tasty roasts, don't you think?
We spent a few minutes chatting in German with the owner and Charlie, the cat, learning more about his new work with reverse painting and admired his recent art. Feeling refreshed and happy about some new kitchen dishes in which to make future recipes we ventured westward through the Sumava Mountains and into Bavaria (Germany).

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