Sunday, November 14, 2010

Apple Pie....made with 'Bohemia' apples

When our fellow Fulbrighter, Lynn, came for a visit it was in the peak of the apple season. We had found some large pie apples at a farm stand about 20 km north of Ceske Budejovice named 'Bohemia'. These are large red/yellow apples with a delicious bite, crisp edge, and mouthful of flavor!  Wow.  They went miles beyond the Minnesota 'Honey Crisp' apple.  So it seemed that a pie was in order, made in our Czech deep dish (bought at the July festival of Holasovice--see our earlier posting). Mark made the pate brisee crust while Neil made the filling, spiced with fresh zest of lemon, shavings of fresh nutmeg, a dash of cinnamon and zest of fresh ginger.

Neil seems to be enjoying it immensely!

A perfect way to enjoy a great weekend with friends and exploring South Bohemia.

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