Sunday, November 14, 2010

Historic Rzmberk (Rosenberg) Pond Fish Harvest, 7-11 Oct 2010

If you remember from an earlier blog post in September when we were at the Fish Harvest Opening Event in Trebon, we posted pictures of old photographs, drawings, and paintings from the Archives in the Rosenberg Castle which depicted historic fish harvesting events at this site.  Well, this October, we got to see the event, taste the food (carp, trout, salmon, cheeses, and Regent beer--made in Trebon, of course)!
On Wednesday (7 Oct), the day that the fishing started, Neil and Jan went to see the startup (no crowds!). It was a bitter cold day, however.....didn't look like much fun being in the water with boots on in the cold wind.
The pond was drained down to allow for the fish to be rounded up in nets and driven towards shore so that the fish harvesters could, well, .... 'fish'!!
Before starting the fishing event each 'pond' is drained down to bring the fish towards the surface. So here, is the huge Rosenberg Pond drained down.  You can see a broad shoreline that suddenly surfaces!

Hardly anyone was around on that cold Wednesday.....the fisherman occasionally retired to the house at the edge of the pond to warm up with a nip of brandy.  Hmmm!  We came back later that week (on Saturday, 10 Oct), along with another Fulbrighter who visited for the weekend with us. By then it had turned into a huge events, with hundreds of tents lining the pond and thousands of people and cars everywhere!
We parked Mark's chair up at the top of the hill and descended the stairs to the edge of the pond to watch up close while the fishermen scooped up the fish in big nets, ran them through a conveyor belt system and sorted them into tubs, based on type of fish (carp, salmon, trout) and size.

We watched up close, got all wet and cold, then went back up to the top of the hill and walked around, sampling carp steaks, trout, and other goodies such as smoked sheep cheese grilled outside ( tasty!).  After a few hours we were tired of the crowds and went on to our next adventure that day.

Here's the official flag of the Rzmberg Pond flying proudly above as we departed.

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