Monday, November 22, 2010

Riverviews in Bohemia, Part IV -- Lysa (Labe River), Srbsko (Berounka River)

Frosty, frosty mornings while collecting at these sites! We had gotten up very early in the morning, heading west from Stodulky (western Prague) through the National Protected Landscapes, hills, gorgeous virgin forests, to get to Srbsko.  One could not help but notice the gorgeous patterns in the leaves of plants bent low from the frost!

 Reed canarygrass (Phalaris) looks quite gorgeous when laden with frost

Here, some nettles (Urtica) nestle gently in with the reed canarygrass (Phalaris):
 As the sun rises above the Berounka River, green returns.

Mark starts recording photos of the sunrise on his I-phone while we head out collecting.

 Here, along the Labe River reflects the subtle October colors of the forest hugging the shores, south of Lysa.
 The rugged cliffs shine like white, snow-covered giants from the rivers' edge.

 An old, but intriguing building hugs the edge of the river. It used to be a company, but now is a residence.
 Most interesting next to the building, was the remains of a bunker built prior to WWII, as part of the protectorate for Prague before the subsequent invasion by Hitler's troops.  It sits quietly next to the river. People bike and walk past it, seemingly oblivious to the stark reminder that this once portended.

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