Monday, November 22, 2010

Riverviews in Bohemia, Part III - Vltava River, Bukol (opposite Luzec) at ferry crossing

This was a very interesting and idyllic site for collecting Phalaris.  The Vltava River runs quiet but deep here on its way to the North Sea, seemingly silent compared with how it looks in South Bohemia near where we live. 
It was a gorgeous October day here in Bukol with the little town of Luzec on the other side of the river:

We parked our Skoda car down by the river so Mark could enjoy the scenery while we collected....more reed canary grass (Phalaris).
Oh, yes....and we found a lot of it!
What was so interesting about this site was the ferry crossing. Here you could walk on or come with your bicycle.  
Someone from the other side of the river would respond when you pressed the bell (below), provided it was during the hours of service! It doesn't cost too many Kroners for a ride across the river.
While we were collecting, a cyclist came along and registered to get a ride across the Vltava River.

Across the river they go!  What a delightful example of sensible transportation!

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