Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinner at Alberos***** (Restaurační sluzby Valtice), Valtice, Moravia (Czech Republic)

Alberos Restaurační sluzby Valtice is a high class but very reasonably priced restaurant on the Main Square in the Lichenstein village of Valtice. We ran across Alberos the other day when we were starving for some great food and wine on the square.
Alberos is across the street from the Lichenstein Church (see our November 2010 posting), within site of the Lichenstein Castle (Zamek Valtice).

Mark eyes his Čočková polévka na smetaně or Lentil soup with cream
while Neil orders the Garlic Soup with leeks and toasted bread (Česneková polévka s pórkem a opečeným chlebem).

Then comes the main courses! Neil can't resist the roasted leg of lamb (pečené jehněčí kýta) with a side of semi-roasted/mashed potatoes and garlic.
Get your fork ready...maybe he'll offer you a piece to taste!
 Mark digs into one of the daily specials of beef medallions with Hungarian beef sauce, floating on an island of whipped Czech potatoes.

Mark appears to be lost in succulence and the tastiest Moravian food ever!
 Both of us complement our meals with a delightful selection of Moravian red wine, Rulandské modrém from the Moravian Valvin Dominium winery. It is an awesome combination.

We leave extremely room for desserts, even!  We give Alberos our 5* rating! They deserve it.

Book your reservation right away in the delightful village of Valtice!

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  1. SERIOUSLY that is one HUGE hunk of meat! oh wait... am I talking about Neil's dinner or you two guys? Either way, YUM.