Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More spring wildflowers, Corydalis cava, in South Bohemia!

We heard about a hillside of spring (ephemeral) wildflowers on the east side of the Luznice River in Hluboka (see earlier postings on the castle and glassworks here!). Here we learned were large populations of pink Dutchman's breeches, Corydalis cava. Everyone said it was too early for them to be in flower but, since it had been very warm, we decided to drive by and see if, by chance, any color was showing. 
Well, to our delight....everything was in full flower! Enjoy our walk through the woods...looking at Corydalis cava!

 At the edges of the forest where the shade is a bit more dappled, spring anemones (Anemone nemerosa) intermingle with the pink Dutchman's breeches:

 Aren't they just delightful heralds of spring?!

We also run across these yellow flowered members of the Aster family (Asteraceae). We have seen them before along with Leucojum (see earlier postings). Their sessile leaves almost make them look like a succulent, such as hens and chickens (Sempervivum) when they flower!
Who knows what they are? Post your comment!

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