Saturday, April 2, 2011

Glassworks (Prodej Skla) in Lenora, Czech Republic

We had the opportunity to return to Lenora, another famous village in the glassmaking scene in South Bohemia. There are at least two retail glass shops here, although today this was the only one that was open. Additionally, a glass museum (Sklářské muzeum heralds the long era of this craft in Lenora (we'll visit this another time and report on it).

Here's an aerial view of the village.
This time we were visiting with some of our dear glass expert can see the anticipation!
We're so happy to learn that Prodej Skla is still in business. If you remember, this glassworks used to be part of the Crystalex Glassworks in Chlum u Trebone during the Communist times, although the main operation in Chlum u Trebone is now closed (see our earlier posting last month). The store had many excellent examples of clear crystal (remember that Czech crystal is very low in lead, usually ~20%),
along with etching, 
and colored selections....even interesting features such as colored emery boards!

Here are some beautiful Lotus dishes, perfect for either votive candles for your sumptuous dinner parties or individual serving dishes for some tasty sweets!
Other examples of ruby glass and dark blue cut crystal would glint magnificently in any sunny table set for morning brunch!

Examples also included hand-painted stemware against colored and gold backgrounds:
Then there were those with subtle coloring...
The blue/green streaked stemware (below) caught our eye. Yes, we did buy a set of six long-stemmed ones to bring back to the States!
We all left heavily laden with packages...goodness, who wouldn't?!  We'll be back soon to spend time looking at the adjacent Glass Museum as well as the other shop when it's open. Stay tuned!

To learn more about this company, visit their website:
Antonin Chrapan, 384 42 Lenora 117,,

Support your local glassmakers...they're astounding craftspeople carrying the ancient Bohemian art forward through time.

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