Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hluboka Glassworks, Hlubocka Skelna Hut, Hluboka, Czech Republic

We learned this past week that there is a new glassworks in Hluboka, right near to us (also where the famous Hluboka castle is located; see 25 December posting)! Since we were looking at wildflowers just north of here, we stopped by to tantalize ourselves!

 This glassworks is in a new building and they are in the process of installing a new furnace for glass blowing. Hlubocka Skelna Hut does not open until 1 May (hours are posted above), but when we stopped by the front door was open with music playing and so we ventured inside.
This glass studio offers classes and shows of glass blowing. 
 Hlubocka Skelna Hut specializes in colored, hand-blown glassworks, such as fence post and sign tops (below), various vases and containers, glass balls, and beadwork!
What was in the shop at the moment was from last year, since the furnace is being replaced no new items have been created. The glass blower came out of the house and we had a chance to chat in German (since the sign outside also said 'Glasshuette' we knew they spoke Deutsch), learning that we could come back in early May when they would be open and they would start making new glasswork. We can hardly wait!
Here are some recent examples of hanging glass ornaments and globes:

 Additional examples of vases and animalia cover this set of shelves.

We are so excited to have something so close to us! We can hardly wait for this to open for the stay tuned and do drop by to see artistic Bohemian glass being created!

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  1. OH these are even prettier than I imagined. I cannot wait to see what you bring home.

  2. Yes, for sure. What can we bring you?!

  3. anything in BLUE, baby! Blue! :)