Monday, April 25, 2011

The Farmer's Market, la Rue Poncelet, Paris

 The street where we're staying in Paris, Rue de Poncelet, has a farmer's market each and every day! We walk past this on the way to the l'Arc de Triumphe...heading to the day's excitement!
Each day we plan our French petit repas (lunch) menu as we walk past the stalls. Let's see what's delightful aujourd'hui (today; the day before Easter)
...raspberries (we buy some of these!
or who can resist fresh black berries either?  We can't!
 or fresh blanched asparagus (sadly, we're not cooking today, but one can eat it raw),

Some 'Purple Passion' asparagus is tucked amongst the white asparagus...which makes us think of home; we're wondering how ours is growing in St. Paul, Minnesota??
 fresh strawberries (we buy three boxes and the vendor likes Mark so much, he gets another one for free!),
 fresh mangoes and kumquats, all so delicious looking with lots of anthocyanins and neutraceuticals,
 fresh citrus (we hear Spain calling),
perhaps some Toi / Moi oranges for you and I?
 fresh cantaloupes just arrived (so tasty)! As you can see, the sellers are shouting out their wares so that everyone will come and buy them! It is NOT a quiet market, like the Czech or U.S. farmer's markets! Here everyone is yelling out their delights and enticing you to buy by offering you fresh samples....irresistible marketing!
Neil almost jumps out of his skin when he sees the 'Comice' pears (background below); local d'Anjou pears are in the front.  We have to buy a Comice for lunch!!
 Ah, seafood....lots of fresh shrimp...
 fresh peaches,
Rhubarb anyone?
 more blanched asparagus and berries....
 as well as unblanched asparagus,
 les haricots verts (green beans) are gorgeous and fresh!
 Speaking of fresh, how about some Belgian endive?
 And artichokes...we've been yearning for some! Perhaps we'll have to take some of these back with us to the Czech Republic for dinner this weekend?!
Then there are the tomatoes...
these cherry tomatoes just spilled into our market bag....who could resist? Another treat for today's lunch!
 Everything is about interacting, catching up on the news, the flavors of the day.....join in!
 Oh, and fresh the longest, most beautiful pods Neil has ever seen (his Dad, Leonard, is the pea King of Vermont!):
 Fresh cherries?
And just look as these gorgeous fresh vegetables!
Oh, and guess what?!
How about fresh Morel mushrooms?! Poor Minnesota....they're not quite ready yet....
 Shops that line the street also set up their wares and you can also venture inside the shop.
Fromage (cheeses) anyone?
 We bought some of the fresh goat cheese, covered with ash (on the left) for lunch today!

 Even the local chocalatier advertises their wares. You can get your name written on a dark chocolate Easter egg, if you're so inclined!

 Then, numerous vendors and shops are selling the confit,
 foie gras,
 fresh rotisserie chickens
or other delights from the grill,
paela sure smells good this morning, too...
and then there are these giant prawns from Madagascar, and crab....
more shrimp..
fish soup ready to warm up;
or perhaps this Mediterranean delight with zucchini, summer squash, peppers, and some spicing?  Smells delightful this morning....already we're getting hungry...
l'escargots in the full shell?
We didn't purchase anything from here...yet.
Then there are the fresh flower vendors.....peonies are in full swing now (it is summer today!),
 and everyone is buying fresh bunches of lily of the valley....the fragrance of which waft over the entire market!
 At the end of the street, DaDa Cafe is a common hangout before or after working the market for today's meals!
 One does need some wine to go with your lunch, after all!
 It could be paired with some tasty pastry, too....Mark thinks!

 as well as some fresh bread at the Boulangerie...we have to buy a large fresh loaf of French bread pour le petit Dejeuner aujourd'hui.
 So there you have it, today's potential ingredients for feasting! May yours be filled with freshness and top quality flavors!

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  1. these are the prettiest photos yet. I feel like I've been to the market with you (which makes me feel better since I've been missing you both so much!).