Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moravian Oasis*****, Penzion Moravska Oaza, Valtice, Moravia (Czech Republic)

On our recent trip to Moravia, Austria and Slovakia, we tried a new venue in the village of Valtice, Czech Republic--The Moravian Oasis, Moravska Oaza (see earlier postings about Valtice, a village once ruled by the Lichensteins and that was also part of Austria at one time).
The Moravian Oasis is right near the Lichenstein's Castle:
This Penzion or hotel opened less than 10 years ago...the product of the visionary owners who have surrounded the Penzion with horticultural delights, making this a wine destination to stay.
 Along the front walkway, these Pasque Flowers (Pulsatilla vulgaris) shine with regal spring purple! They remind us of the Prairie Pasque Flower we find in the Minnesota prairies during springtime.

 In addition to having numerous hotel rooms (a wise move by the owners, making them one of the few Penzions that can accommodate large busloads of tour groups!), the patio is a perfect place for breakfast on a warm morning. Breakfasts come with your room and are typical Czech fare.
 Many examples of wine making abound around the patio, along with large boulders from the neighboring Palava mountains...fine white limestone from these northern ends of the Carpathian Mountains.
 This Palava stone amkes a secure but graceful table top to sit your wine glass on.
The outdoor entrance to the wine cellar is inviting. You can order dinner in the wine cellar, if you have a party of 25 people or more. Place your order in advance!
 Next to the wine cellar entrance, in between it and the adjacent patio, are all of these long grape vines that move to form the roof over the patio, securely anchored in this huge assemblage of Palava stones.
Here are grape vines on the other side of the patio. This is a great landscaping idea...rather than winding the grape vines up each supportive pole, these long vine extensions add some rough texture and interest, directing your eyes upwards to the patio roof. Come back in the fall and pick a cluster or two of fine Moravian grapes!

 Lots of wine barrels grace this end of the patio, right in front of the wine cellar entrance.
Looking back from the other end of the patio (above), you can see the cellar entrance again.
 This flowering forsythia bush (Forsythia) echo our rating for this Penzion:  5*! Book your reservation soon and enjoy a peaceful Moravska Oaza at the edge of the Valtice village.

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