Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hotel Florentina*****, Prague, Czech Republic...Botel on the River Vltava!

Well, if you're looking for a place to stay in Prague that is relatively inexpensive, exciting, convenient (in Praha 1; relatively easy parking nearby), has a view of the river and the Castle from your room's window....all without the noise of the street below you...then book yourself a stay in Hotel Florentina (Dvorakovo nabrezi, Dock nr. 7, Prague 1)! 

Walking down the cobblestone road towards the river, Hotel Florentina is the first boat you'll see on the left. It is docked permanently so don't worry that it will take off for a cruise in the middle of the night when you're off on the town!
Located near the National Theater, the Old Jewish Quarter, and our favorite restaurant in Prague (Grosettos), you'll find yourself at peace sitting on the top deck enjoying a cocktail, having a Bohemian breakfast in the dining room overlooking the river (enjoying the swans, morning and evening views of the Castle and other architectural delights across the river). What more could one want?!
Step aboard and we'll tell you more....
Bookings are done through website:

Do note, however, that when you request anything special the message may not get through, so call the Hotel Florentina directly to make sure your needs are met ( Both times we booked a stay here, we asked for a handicapped accessible room but this information never was relayed to the hotel. Fortunately, the Hotel Florentina staff found a suitable room both times which was perfect. The staff are great!
The rooms are small but comfortable with all the amenities; WiFi is in the lobby only. Rooms are 'kitchy' or 'campy' but lots of fun for an easy stay in Prague.

Make sure you book a room with a view of the river!

Here's the view we had from our river view window the first day as the sun was setting. Note the swans swimming about.....they'll come right close to the boat and your windows. 

It is so delightful to have your window open at night and hear the gulls singing up and down the river or the swans trumpeting in the early morning hours. A truly peaceful delight in such a busy city!
The Prague Castle on the hill darkens as sunset passes and nautical twilight begins...  Aren't the turquoise hues gorgeous?
This little Queen's summer castle was right across from the boat, with forsythia blooming on the hillside below it.
It slowly glows as the evening lights come on.
Here's the Prague version of the Eiffel Tower, Petrinska rozledna, on the distant hill (Prague Castle is to the right; the Charles Bridge is further down the river to the left):
As the evening darkens, the lights of the city come awake.
Then the Prague Castle is illuminated on the hill!
Brighter and these panoramic photographs (three pictures stitched together) taken while sitting on the top deck sipping gin and tonics!

Until all is aglow.
One night the full moon outshone the city lights, brightly reflecting across the mighty Vltava River.
Here it is in a vertical panorama:
Late at night the city dims into peaceful tranquility...perfect for a pleasant Prague sleep.
Book your stay here in the botel (boat hotel), as they call it in Praha. You'll just love it!

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