Monday, August 9, 2010

And then we picked fruit....

After tiring of dancing, firefighting, beer, and a plethora of people, Mark and I retired to the shady back lawn of Dasa and Marek's house and picked fruit! They let us pick red currants, black currants, red gooseberries, yellow gooseberries, and early yellow apples (that closely resembled the tartness of Neil's grandparents tree in Vermont, the infamous 'Peach Apple'). We'll show you what things we made from them later on.
Then, Dasa kindly brought out some coffee and this delicious cake (her Mom's recipe...which she has promised to us). It is a foundation of a light chocolate cake, with a layer of bananas and kiwi fruit (what a great combination!), followed by a topping of a light slightly coffee-flavored whipped cream and grated chocolate on top! Here it is with some fresh gooseberries!
Bon appetit, chuť k jídlu!

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