Friday, August 6, 2010

Plástovice's 650th Anniversary Celebration!

Plástovice is a small town about 20 km from Ceske Budejovice where our friends and colleagues, Dasa, Marek, and Albert live. We visited the town last year and were very impressed with its authentic Czech atmosphere. This year the town celebrated its 650th Anniversary! We attended the event (for more information, visit The program (see photo) went throughout the day, starting with a Mass on the town square, followed by numerous events that went until late in the evening. In celebration of the 650 years, special tickets (ceramic medallions) were given out and everyone wore them throughout the day. This was conceptualized by our friend Dasa and the other women in the town's Ceramic Group...which was also responsible for creating another set of intriguing mementos (which we'll show you in a subsequent posting).
Let the festivities of food, fun, and historic/modern celebrations begin!


  1. Well is there no end to the festivities for the boys...enjoy

  2. I know, I know.....always something fun right around the corner....before you know it, it's in your face!