Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jindřichův Hradec zámek

The Jindřichův Castle (zámek) in Hradec is the third largest one in the Czech Republic. The city of Hradec is a gorgeous Gothic place full of fascinating building and endless streets with cobblestone paths.  We paid a visit there with our dear friend, Dr. Jan Kvet, who served as our guide. We went on the Medieval, Renaissance, and 20th century tours of the castle and will show you some of the delights we saw. The castles have 320 rooms (you'll need 500 keys to open all of the doors). We couldn't take pictures inside except for in the chapel and the Black Kitchen.  Here's the exterior of the Gothic Castle, along with the well outside in the courtyard.

Inside the Chapel of the Holy Spirit (circa ~1338) are numerous paintings depicting St. George and other Saints.

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