Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Black Kitchen, Jindřichův Hradec zámek

The Black Kitchen is the best preserved historic kitchen of Bohemian Nobility. It was built during the reign of Jinrich IV of Hradec (1463-1507), the High Chancellor and Burgrave of the Bohemian Kingdom. It has a high barrel vault with four opening for the escape of smoke up the chimneys.
As with the Czech Foodies, the Bohemian nobility loved high quality food, as it was a status of wealth and superiority (well we reinterpret this as 'everyone has a right to delicious food'!). This was a state of the art kitchen when it was built <1500. It is still used during special festivals at the Castle, particularly around Christmas time.

This made us want to go home and start cooking authentic Czech food right away!

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