Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holašovice festival....the food!

We first tried some mini donuts....a tasty reminder of the Minnesota State Fair (St. Paul, MN)...served in paper funnels and sprinkled with powdered sugar. was a taste of home. Czech and Minnesota food fusion again!
There were other food vendors, including those selling nuts....many were roasted and/or coated with sugar/spice coatings (similar, again, to what we know in Minnesota). Others, however, were the green ones in the picture here on the right....they looked like apricot pits covered with green wasabi. We didn't buy any, but couldn't figure out why anyone would try and eat an apricot pit (too hard!). Hmmmm...we'll have to figure this one out.
Also available were smoked cheeses, which were warmed on grills and served on toothpicks. My, but those were tasty...we both loved those! We also tried the Czech National Dish (people are waiting in line to get this!), known as "Svickova" (pronounced sveech-kova), which consists of homemade noodles, ground or chopped ham, and sauerkraut! is a tasty combination! And keep in mind that the sauerkraut over here is NOT like anything you get in the U.S. (unless you make it yourself). It often is not canned and is very flavorful and less acidic. We'll report later on how to make this dish.

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