Monday, August 2, 2010

nakládaná zelenina -- pickles -- and fresh eggs (vejce)

This past week at the market almost every vendor had their own version of pickles for sale...if you wanted to purchase one, they would fork one out and hand it to you to eat right away! Awesome! Oh my...what's more fun than fresh pickles? The pickles are slightly sour, with hints of garlic and onions (or shallots), plus a sweet tinge added in. Very delightful. We're going to have to learn how to make them properly.
The prospect is starting to make me (Neil) want to start friends have diagnosed me with a 'canning disorder', you know! I even have my canning slaves that come and work all day over hot stoves.
Oh, and then there are the eggs! Nothing better than farm fresh eggs. We bought one dozen for 2 Czech kroners...small ones (the larger were priced at 3 Czech Kroners). What were we thinking?! Next week we'll have to buy a couple of dozen of the large types. The yolks are so golden from those happy hens scratching about in the terra firma and eating grubs and bugs. Now, if you do your calculations, you'll be in despair when you think of how much we would pay for these in the states (US$3 - $5/dozen which would be ~60 - 100 Czech Kroners!). Something tells us those Minnesota and Wisconsin egg producers must be pocketing too much profit.

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