Saturday, August 21, 2010

Omelets (omeleta) and toast from the Farmer's Market

Oh, we ran across a farmer at the market who had picked yellow sulfur mushrooms in the could one resist? You had to wait in a long line for them. We bought some and, along with fresh onions,  sweet paprika peppers, chives, dill and fresh eggs, made us an omelet that sent us to heaven....

Here it is along with classic white toast and German Roggenschot bread (you know that kind that bakes slowly in the oven so that the grains almost it a slightly sweet, superb taste! And, of course, we then topped the toast with red gooseberry jam (background), had fresh cherry juice and Czech Coffee...and voila! A meal fit for any of the Kings and Queens of Bohemia!

chuť k jídlu as we say here (bon appetit)!


  1. You made me smile at such wonderful pictures and Mark's grin at the pickles, that one eye'd one a.k.a.(Paula).

    Too touch with you guys again makes my heart sing. Enjoy, enjoy and still enjoy.

    Love Kath Cotter Lloyd

  2. I especially enjoyed the painting in the cellars, beauty beneath our feet. I just wonder how they keep the sand from caving in. I bet that there is dips in the ground and the streets above.


  3. That pie, that wonderful pie. Will you bringing some stock plants or cuttings for Jim?