Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moravsky sklipek v satove, Part 4. More of the painted cellars.

In the Music Lounge, there were several paintings of "the Reminiscences of Youth", where there may also have been a sandstone stage for musicians. Pictures included the view over Znojmo with the railroad bridge, the Risenrad or giant Ferris wheel in Vienna (Prater Park), the Vranov Chateau, Vienna City Hall and a portrait of the painter with a lion.
More of the Tyrol landscape from the Arbor Room....
In the main corridor between the entrances to the lounge rooms on the left-hand side, are pictures of the Satov Coat of Arms, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, still life pictures, the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge, Znojmo Castle with a water tower, harvesting potatoes, dubbing of a wine-maker, and the shield of the artist:

Some of the paintings redone in later years by the artist include this one with a tractor in a field.

Other miscellany including the Seal of the Rozenberg Family (one of the many past ruling families in Bohemia).
And then of course, the stairway entrance down to the another floor of wine cellars (we weren't allowed to go down there).
And other scenes and carvings...

Not all of the paintings in the cellars are originals. The artist returned many times and redid some of them, as well as completely changing some to fit in with 'the times'. The one below of St. Hubert has never been repainted (this is in the Hunting Lounge). It dates to 1934, just as the company Jaegermeister (which is shown on the bottles).
Other paintings were redone completely, such as the 1950s Prague Castle....a remade picture over a previous portrait of Hitler (done when after he invaded Czechoslovakia).

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  1. A one-armed painter with a candle? That's incredible, or however you say it in Czech...Mark, you look like you're enjoying the tour! I'm trying to determine why you weren't allowed in the cellar below....hhmmmm...could it have been that empty wine glass you were carrying? :)