Saturday, August 21, 2010

jablkový koláč (apple tart)

Dasa and Marek's apples have been transformed into an apple pie of heavenly proportions!  This sour, August apples resemble the flavor of Neil's grandparents' 'Peach Apple' in Newport Vermont. We always love pies, tarts, and sauces made from this most sacred of apples.
To our delight and surprise, these apples from Dasa and Marek's tree, while not getting as peachy in color, have the same flavor and texture of the famed 'Peach Apples'.

We delicately spiced this jablkový koláč with lemon zest and fresh ground cinnamon tucked in with cukr (sugar) and Mark's famed crust.  Voila!  It was beyond belief!  Every bit as good as the one Neil's Grandmother used to make.
Neil took some along to share with his colleagues on Wednesday to eat after lunch (while taking a break from collecting reed canary grass south of Ceske Krumlov). Everyone thought it was quite delightful.

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