Monday, August 9, 2010

Dasa and Marek's House in Plastovice

Here is the fully restored, gorgeous farmhouse that our friends Dasa and Marek live in. It is a glorious house with attached buildings in the back, including a barn, as well as a large side yard full of fruit trees and delightful places to sit and 'take in the town'. To Neil, it is reminiscent of the Vermont farm his maternal grandparents lived in (Newport, VT) where you never had to go outside in the winter or on stormy days to feed the chickens or milk the cows! What a delight to find another, older version of this grand idea.
Dasa and her village friends of the Ceramic Club made, hand-painted, and fired these little house replicas that were for sale at the festival. Dasa and Marek's house is the second one up from the bottom, left-hand corner. We had to buy one as a treasured memento.
Dasa also makes ceramic house numbers (last photograph). We're thinking of having one made for our house to grace it when we return from the Czech Republic. If you'd like to see more of her artwork, visit Dasa's website:

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